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  • When an illness presents itself in a young person, the impact is felt through the family. Such was Brian’s experience in being picked up off the lacrosse field while in the grips of a mysterious cardiac arrest at age 17. Panic consumed his family and doctors were at a loss to diagnose what problem had revealed itself in an otherwise healthy and athletic person. Click here to read more…




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  • Molecular Genetics

    Molecular Genetics

    Genetics seems rather intimidating, but in its purest sense it is rather simple. The basis of genetics is fairly simple: DNA => RNA =>  A Protein. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, (DNA) […]

  • Stem Cell Biology

    Stem Cell Biology

    Over 5 million Americans suffer from congestive heart failure. Heart failure is characterized by the loss of functional heart cells and thereby its inability to pump enough blood to maintain […]