The Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI), its Directors, leadership, scientists, and staff, are all united in their shared commitment to scholarship and scientific discovery. We seek to uncover and answer key questions in basic and clinical research, allowing us to identify novel therapies and find cures for cardiovascular disease. Achieving excellence in these pursuits requires a broad scientific perspective.

The vision for the growth, success, and future of the institute is to build a comprehensive cardiovascular research enterprise that focuses on areas of cardiac developmental disease, hypertrophy and heart failure, diabetes and metabolism, cardiac immunology, and electrophysiology. As well, in the process, we will acquire and build excellence in innovative technologies, such as pluripotent stem cells, genetics, signal transduction, in vivo animal model systems, and development of drug delivery platforms to be used for treatment of disease. The future at the MMRI will be transformative; we are on a quest to unravel the mechanisms underpinning the cause of cardiac disease.