This exciting new Masonic Brotherhood Fund Program is a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust. The Trust provides you and one designated beneficiary a steady fixed stream of income for life, based on rates suggested by the American Council of Gift Annuities (ACGA), as well as certain tax benefits. If you designate the MMRL as the remainder beneficiary, your gift will benefit medical research upon the passing of the annuitant(s).

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The Masonic Charitable Gift Annuity Program (MCGAP) is a simple contract between the Masonic Brotherhood Foundation, Inc. (MBF) and the donor(s). Once the trust is established no additional contributions can be made to that particular trust. Donors often make multiple contributions to the MCGAP, each establishing a separate trust, as their circumstances permit. It is important to note that you must specifically designate the MMRL as the remainder beneficiary if your gift is to benefit medical research.

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For example, if you and your spouse, age 72 and 70, make a cash gift of $100,000 to the MBF’s Masonic Charitable Gift Annuity Program, you receive the following benefits:

1. As annuitants, you will receive a guaranteed payment of $500 per month for life. In addition, $3,246 of each year’s payment will be tax-free for 19.7 years.
2. You will qualify for an immediate Federal income tax deduction of approximately $36,068 (assuming 35% Federal income tax bracket). It is important to note that deductions for this and other gifts of cash and non-appreciated property will be limited to 50% of your adjusted gross income. You may, if necessary, take unused deductions of this kind and carry it over the next five years, subject to the same 50% limitation.
3. You are encouraged to consult with your attorney, tax advisor and financial advisor before participating in the Masonic Charitable Gift Annuity Program and designating the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory as your remainder beneficiary.

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