UTICA, N.Y. — With a new Utica hospital on the horizon, medical research organizations say they’re excited for the resources to come.

On Friday, the Mohawk Valley Health System announced a new partnership with the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory.

The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding as they explore the opportunity of locating a portion of their research facility within the new hospital.

MMRL is known for their research on cardiac arrhythmia diseases.  Through this partnership, they say they’re excited to expand their clinical research as well.

“It attracts talent that is second to none and it’ll just provide tremendous opportunities for research staff, for the patient care and it’ll just be a terrific improvement to the entire community,” said David Schneeweiss, the MMRL board president.

MMRL leaders say they intend to generate funding and contribute financially toward to creation of the new hospital.

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