By Ana Rivera :

Summer is coming to an end which means school is right around the corner. But for some students–the learning never stopped.

Yes–it’s summer time. And yes–these students are on a field trip. Because for the past four weeks this group of 30 seventh to ninth graders has focused on a possible future career in science, math, engineering and technology.

“What we want to do is get kids energized and interested and enthused about stem subjects in school so they see a future and a career and they graduate from high school,” says Anne Lansing, Utica Safe Schools.

A trip to the Masonic Research Lab is all part of a Utica Safe Schools program made possible through an $80,000 grant from Oneida County. It is completely free for an especially targeted age group.

“Curiosity is really big when you’re in the primary grades. It starts to go away when you’re in middle school. So it’s really important to catch students at this age before they go onto high school and then hopefully we can get them into science and medical careers,” says Matt Betzenhauser, Masonic Research Lab.

Scientists at three stations–genetics, stem cells, and electrophysiology–explained the ins and outs of the research lab. All to maybe inspire some future scientists.

“Before I didn’t have a plan. I was like maybe I’ll go to MVCC and find what I want there but now I really know what I want. I want to work in nano. That’s it. I just want to work in nano,” says Fatimah Alfarhood, student.

During the program the group learned about nano tech

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