Including the MMRL in your estate planning is one of the most important charitable acts you can perform to assist the Laboratory and ensure a healthier tomorrow for all of us. When properly thought out and with the assistance of legal counsel, you may be
able to greatly reduce or eliminate your Federal estate taxes. Your Will should be reviewed regularly to take advantage of any changes in the tax laws.

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A charitable bequest may be for a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate, specific personal or real property, including securities, real estate, annuities and IRAs. The MMRL may also be named as a contingent beneficiary if other beneficiaries are unavailable or previously deceased. The MMRL may also be named as a residual beneficiary. A residual beneficiary receives whatever real or personal property that remains after all other designated distributions have been fulfilled.

Not-for-profit corporation
Tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code
Incorporated in NY in October, 1947, as
Masonic Foundation for Medical Research and Human Welfare
Federal Tax ID: 13-5648611
New York State Charities Registration: 037227